New for 2020

The Lane County Land Use Commission, Department of Environmental Health, the Oregon Country Fair, and all of the neighborhood campgrounds have been in heated discussions and debates over the course of this past winter. The entities in charge are trying to much more tightly control and regulate camping along Suttle Road during the OCF weekend. We’re all for regulations if they are put in place to keep people healthy and safe….but luckily for us and you(!) most the regulations have been dismissed for now, however a few key things have to change for us in 2019.

Quiet time will be strictly enforced. All music (including drum circles) must be shut down by 11pm. No exceptions. We risk losing our license to host campers if we don’t comply.

Prices are having to go up. We’re getting hit with more regulatory requirements which is making it harder for us to keep doing what we do. We hate to have to ask you to give up more of your hard earned dollars, but we’re getting pinched, and making Quiet Camp happen is outrageously expensive. Thanks for understanding!

No pre-camping. We are issued a permit which allows us to host campers for 4 days, that’s it. Camping will be Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights only.

Traffic Regulations. All campgrounds are asking their campers to no longer use Territorial Hwy as an access point for Suttle Road. Please use Hwy 126 to loop around and enter Suttle Road from the west end. This will help to alleviate the congestion and backup that happens along Suttle Road and negatively affects the residents of Veneta.

All campgrounds will be under intense scrutiny this year, so please help us make this year as successful as possible by playing by the rules and we’ll all have another fantastic year!