Q: How much are camping passes?

A: Our general camping passes are $70/person for camping Thursday noon to Monday at 10am, kids under ten are free. Or be one of the lucky 10 campers to sleep among our giant redwoods for just $25 more (per campsite) for the entire weekend. Full weekend passes only.

Q: Are you family friendly?

A: Very! We’ve got a huge piece of land and grassy meadows with tons of space for kids to play, and we also make sure to enforce quiet hours so everyone can get some rest. In 2017, we created an awesome kids place space with climbing hill, slide, and sandbox!

Q: Do I have to be going to Fair to camp?

A: Yes, you may be asked to present your Fair pass in order to enter the campground. No Fair pass, no camping. And no refunds so please make sure you’ve got your tickets for Fair before you purchase your tickets for Quiet Camp. No exceptions. Please also bring your camping ticket (printed or on your smart phone) which you will receive via email at time of purchase.

Q: Can I buy my camping pass at the gate?

A: To guarantee that you’ll have a spot, please buy your ticket ahead of time. Otherwise we could be sold out by the time you arrive, and that would suck.

Q: Food?

A: YES! Our good friends from The Broadway Grille will be back and serving up tasty food from morning till late night. There are always gluten-free, vegan, and carnivore-friendly options!

Q: Where can I camp? Do you designate our space?

A: Anywhere you want. We’ve got 15 acres of riverfront and meadows and you’re welcome to make yourself at home. The only reserved spaces are in our giant redwood grove. There’s plenty of space to stretch out and you can make a big camp with your friends.

Q: Are you located close to the fair?

A: Yup! To walk from our front gate to the Aero Road Fair Entrance takes about 12-15 minutes, about 3 minutes by bike. We’re convenient to The Hilltop Market and definitely in biking distance to Veneta and Ray’s, the big grocery store in town.

Q: Do you have access to the fair through your back gate?

A: Yes and no. If you are part of the Ritz Crew, then yes, there is access to the fair through our back gate. However, this is a VERY tightly controlled entrance, so if your name isn’t on the list and you don’t have your RITZ pass, don’t even try.

Q: Will it be festive or mellow?

A: We host a fun, peaceful and relaxing retreat where y’all Fair folk can come relax, rest and enjoy. It’s super fun, but if you’re looking for a place to rage late into the night we’re probably not the best place for you to stay. We also don’t allow guests and ask for quiet hours after midnight. Bonfire and music on Friday and Saturday nights from 7-11pm!

Q: Can I car camp?

A: Yes! Our Pasture Lazin’ area of the property is for folks who want to camp with the vehicles and that’s included in the price of your General Camping Pass. We have 2 car-free areas of camp, which we have designated primarily for families and those who want a more mellow camp experience. We have limited parking nearby, and will have a few wheelbarrows on hand to help make moving your stuff a bit easier.

Q: If I camp in one of the walk-in sites, how do I get my stuff to my campsite?

A: It’s quick and easy. We’ve got big sturdy garden carts which you’ll use to take your stuff from your car to the camping area or you can throw your gear onto one of our 3 wheelers and we’ll bring it for ya.

Q: RVs?

A: We have enough space for about 30 RVs in the Front Field area of camp. We do not have a dumping station or the ability to fill up your water tanks. Please come prepared to be self-sufficient for the weekend. Absolutely no generators between midnight and 8am.

Q: Will it be crowded?

A: We’ve got 15 acres of land spread out across the riverfront back meadow and lots of grassy meadow, so there will be plenty of room for everyone. But keep in mind, this is festival camping, you’ll be in close quarters with your neighbors.

Q: Can I vend?

A:  We are no longer hosting a vendors row. If you’d like to sell things from your campsite, go for it. However no pipes, alcohol, tobacco, or drugs (including cannabis). If you are caught selling these items, you will be asked to leave Quiet Camp immediately and will not be given a refund for your camping pass(es).

Q: Will there be a store or place to get ice?

A: Hillltop Market and Rays grocery store are both nearby and great places to stock up on ice and other necessities.

Q: What about drinking water?

A: We’re on well water and have a very limited supply. We’ll have bottled water for sale, but you’re of course welcome (and encouraged) to bring drinking water with you. There’s also drinking water available at the Fair.

Q: Where do I check in ?

A: We’ll be there to greet you at the gates, check your tickets, get you parked and checked in. It’s quick and easy.

Q: Can I just show up without a ticket?

A: Yes, but be warned that we typically sell out by Friday afternoon. Pre-purchasing your ticket is highly encouraged!

Q: Can I bring my pets?

A: We welcome service dogs. Please have your dog wear a service vest so our security folks know the dog is permitted on the property. At check-in, we will also ask you to sign a Service Animal Waiver for your animal. You can also fill it out ahead of time and bring it with you to save time at check-in.

Q: What are your quiet hours?

A: To keep it mellow and fun for all visitors, quiet hours are from midnight – 8am. Absolutely no generators, amplified music, or drum circles during this time.

Q: Any other pesky rules to cramp my style?

A: We’re a family-friendly space, therefore no illegal drugs are permitted on the property. And due to fire regulations, no open flames! We want everyone to have a good time, so if you’re going to smoke please be considerate of your neighbors and absolutely no smoking in Family Camp. We enforce quiet hours from midnight-8am. Please respect this!

Q: Will there be showers?

A: We’ve got 6 hot-water, by-donation showers ready and waiting for you. New for 2017, we’ve build 3 new BEAUTIFUL showers. Get ready!

Q: Will there be Porta-Potties?

A: Yup, we’ve got Porta Potties and hand-washing stations, and even an ADA-friendly one for the alter-abled. For $70, you can even reserve your own porta-potty for your group. You can pay the fee for a private porta-potty at the same time you purchase camping tickets. Reservations close for porta-potties on June 15.

Q: Mosquitoes?

A: The entire area around and including the Oregon Country Fair is a mostly forested flood plain which means that mosquitoes live here too – and do come out and play, especially around dusk, so please plan accordingly.

Q: Cell phone access?

A: We’re out in the countryside and typically get good reception, but it will ultimately depend on your carrier.

Q: Do you provide refunds if I cannot attend?

A: We’re sorry but we’re unable to refund unused camping tickets.