About & Get in Touch

We are Dona and Vibhu Athavaria, and are so excited to welcome you to our home in Veneta. From India to British Columbia, California, Bali, and many places in between…we have been wandering the globe for nearly 10 years looking for the perfect place to put down roots. Turns out, Grandpa Joe had just the perfect plan for us all along…


Now we spend most of the year living on our family’s property in Veneta, watching our girls run barefoot through the meadows, creating edible forest landscapes, and enjoying the sweet simplicity of life in Oregon. When we’re not in Veneta, you can find us climbing mountain peaks, camping under the stars, and searching for the best street food in Asia.

Want to get in touch? Drop us a line here or send an email at quietcamp@gmail.com. We’d love to hear from you!